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Delta crypto tracker app

What is the Delta Crypto App?

It was in the deep ancient past of 2017 when the Delta crypto app first came to the stage and into the hearts and minds of investors who needed a better crypto portfolio tracker.

Delta was designed to provide an intuitive and low-maintenance platform for tracking crypto currencies. Building on a solid set of tracking tools, Delta also strives to provide a complete solution for portfolio decisions. To make this possible, it provides a dynamic picture of the market as a whole, with the latest coin prices, market charts and even a highly configurable alert system to keep you one step ahead of investment opportunities.

Here is a brief guide to some of its key features along with some thoughts on why I think it is a great portable option for managing your crypto portfolio.

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A ramble through Delta's feature list

Portfolio overview

One of the biggest challenges to making intelligent decisions about crypto is that you need to find a way to fight your way to the top of your portfolio so that you can "look down". Without a way to look across the spectrum of your portfolio, two things will happen. You will lose track of your positions and miss crucial opportunities.

Delta shines as a portfolio management tool for one simple reason: It was developed specifically to facilitate strategic decisions. It gets the kind of decisions you will make and places as few clicks as possible between you and what is happening.

As someone who easily suffers from analytical paralysis, I appreciate Delta's intuitive portfolio presentation. It's quite simple. In crypto, where rapid changes and constantly evolving abstractions can melt the brain like processed cheese in a microwave, I appreciate it when someone finds a way to make things easier. I think Delta excels in this department.

I can see all my stocks and all major market changes without knocking, squinting or playing around. Even better, I can look at my portfolio at 3am after a few beers and still quickly understand what is happening.

Coin analysis

At this point it is probably worth mentioning that Delta supports a wide range of coins.

All your usual suspects are represented, of course: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash to name a few. There are no surprises. But you will also find some seriously obscure coins supported. On the packaging it says that over 2000 coins can be handled by Delta. I haven't counted, but it looks right. You can even add custom coins, a long overdue feature that is essential to cover ICOs that haven't yet gone public.

So, the first thing you can say about the coin analysis of coin delta is that you can become as exotic as you want. For those of us who enjoy experimenting and speculating about the strange and wonderful Altcoin spectrum, this alone is a big plus.

Regarding the quality of the analysis you receive against your crypto tokens, I assume that the Delta crypto app provides a solid and well presented analysis. Can you go deeper? Of course you can. To sniff every meaningful signal on every coin, you'll have to be more creative and intuitive than any single app allows. But Delta gives you everything you need for highs, lows and total volume in an attractive, easy to understand format.

With a convulsive twitch of the thumb I can change my views and insights about any coin from clunky to grainy. It's a similar experience to the one I described with the portfolio view of the Delta crypto app. They make it fast, easy and intuitive. The data gets into your eyeballs quickly.


The transaction function of the app offers no surprises, but I think that's a good thing when it comes to handling crypto transactions. Any platform that requires more than a few screens or too many fancy visuals starts to discourage me when it comes to transferring coins.

With Delta it is intuitive and uncomplicated. You search for the crypto currency that you will use for the transaction. Then you choose the exchange. Then you add the transaction details. A big plus is that a transaction can be added or subtracted from a Holding. This way you don't have to duplicate your work by entering the Flingin' Flangin' data twice.

Meanwhile, hopefully you will notice a common denominator with the Delta App crypto experience. A lot of work has been done to make the user interface as simple as possible. With this app, you will usually find that you can navigate through the screens and make decisions without having to think too much about the interface itself.

The best way I can describe it is that it releases mental bandwidth. Maybe I'm lazy, but playing around less with fiddly screens and buttons is a big plus for me.

Warning messages

It's probably worth taking a step back and mentioning the Delta Crypto Watchlist view. Maybe it won't win any design innovation awards, but again, its nothingness is exactly what I'm looking for in a crypto tracking app. When I want flowery, I go to my mother's house and steal some pot pourri.

Would you like to order it differently? Click on the sorting criteria. Would you like to have a look at the hourly gimmicks of a coin? No problem. Tap on the time filter. It's just enough functionality to get a quick overview of what you're looking at. I also like the fact that it's easy to add and remove coins with just a few taps.

Then we come to the alarm functionality of the Delta platform. It's easy to set up personal alerts for each crypto currency you are watching. While the recurring alert feature will not be of great interest to everyone, for those interested in cyclical changes in value, it's a smart option to have at hand.

But the thing I appreciate most is the simple fact that the app will inspire me when something important happens. Don't get me wrong, the option to check my Delta portfolio while I buy Pringles at Walgreens at 2am is pretty cool. But where the Delta crypto app comes in handy for me is that it actually allows me to forget about my coins while I'm out and do something else. Any app that lets me be lazy and eat my Pringles in peace is a good investment.

Delta is offered cross-platform.

I have tired, nonannual eyes. Having to stare at a phone screen for too long makes me almost as crabby as staying awake after 10:00. I am therefore very grateful to the developers for allowing users to transfer their data to a decent screen. With the extra screen real estate, the Delta portfolio screen is much easier on the eyes than its tiny smartphone counterpart. Delta offers apps for both Mac and Windows PCs.

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problems or concerns

CSV import is not yet a thing.

If you want to transfer your existing data to this platform, you will have to wait a little longer. At the moment there is no method to transfer an existing data set, but I notice that the developers have planned to release it in the near future. Given their track record of responding to customer requests, I would check their support pages for updates.

You have to pay for some functions.

The free version of the Delta crypto app allows only one portfolio. To be honest, this requires little more than a "more" from me. One portfolio is enough for my already overloaded brain to watch and wait. If you are a hardcore, multi-portfolio owner Blackbelt in crypto-fu then sorry, you will have to pay for the pro version to get this luxury. In fairness, it's probably also worth mentioning that the monthly fee they charge is peanuts.


The two obvious alternatives out there are Blox and Blockfolio. Both have their passionate supporters and their slanderers foaming at the mouth. If you want to manage multiple portfolios for free, I'd lead you to Blox. If you're looking for a tool that integrates deeper coin research, Blockfolio is probably going to like it.

It goes without saying that they all have their strengths and weaknesses, and much of this boils down to how we think and use the data.


So, is it worth trying?

In our opinion, yes. The Delta crypto app works in a way that feels compatible with the way I think. Its diagrams provide enough data to tell me something meaningful without plunging my brain into a state of analytical paralysis. The Delta portfolio screen is clear, simple and "just enough". I am also impressed by the delta crypto-alert and watchlist layouts with their simple, non-floral solidity. Somehow it just seems to make me feel (in a good way!) more lazy than other platforms I have experimented with. Although the Delta crypto app is clearly great for beginners, I have the impression that it can keep up with the demands of serious investors.

How to use Delta

The Delta app is quite painless to set up. Five minutes is all you need to manage a Delta portfolio screen and use the alert and watchlist functions.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the device you want to use it on and follow the instructions for downloading and installing the Delta Crypto app.
  3. See that huge mysterious plus button banging in the middle of the screen? Click or tap it.
  4. Here you have to make your first decision. You can add a transaction manually or connect an Exchange account. The Exchange account is a guided process that aims to minimize technical problems. If you choose to enter your first transaction manually, a separate screen will appear where you can enter all the information.
  5. Once you have completed the form, your Delta Portfolio screen is fully set up. All you need to do is keep it up to date.
  6. Next, to take full advantage of the Delta features, you should set up your watchlist and receive some notifications. Start by clicking on the All-Seeing-Eye button at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Remember that whole thing about the mysterious plus button at step 3? It's the same thing. Click on the plus and enter some coins to view.
  8. Tap on a coin that you have just added and you will see a screen that provides more detailed information. You can also start the warning screen here.
  9. Do you see the tab labeled "Warnings"? That's the button the crazies at Delta use to set off alarms. I told you this app was intuitive!
  10. Click on the funky blue cross to set your first alarm. Enter the exchange and trading pair and then set your threshold. Finally, decide whether the delta crypto alarm should be one-time or repeated.

That is literally everything! In ten steps you manage a portfolio and have some cryptoanalysis tools at your disposal to make your life easier. To drill deeper, simply jump to the Delta crypto support pages. They are well maintained and easy to understand.


I fell asleep somewhere around the portfolio bit. Can you sum up this whole article in 30 seconds or less?

Sure! Delta was designed to provide an intuitive and low-maintenance platform for tracking crypto currencies. Much effort has been put into making the design very simple and intuitive.

Weaknesses of the application

  • To manage more than one Delta portfolio, you need to pay a small subscription. To manage several portfolios for free, visit Blox.
  • It is not intended to help you do detailed coin research. Other software will do better. Try Blockfolio, for example. Personally, I think it's better if you do it yourself, independent of an app.

Strengths of the Delta app

  • It is clear, well designed and NOT unnecessarily fancy. It is designed to be easy to use. The developers have gone to great lengths to avoid saturating the app with unnecessary data, making it much easier to work with.
  • It supports over 2000 coins, including obscure crypto. This makes the app more versatile and a good platform for experimentation and speculation.
  • The advantages of alerts should not be underestimated. Having an app that will inspire you when something requires your attention is fantastic and once I get used to this feature I don't want to be without it.
  • There is a mobile and a desktop version that synchronizes. This means that you have the luxury of seeing your entire Delta portfolio on one large screen. This makes everything easier.

You can take a look at the app here. It's a crypto currency tracker, which you should definitely check out. Good luck.

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