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Crypto currencyhas conquered the world. In today's crypto landscape it is common to have invested in many different crypto currencies. This makes tracking the value of all your investments a real struggle and this is where a great crypto-tracker tool can help you. Blockfolio is the most popular crypto-tracker app and allows you to track all your investments from one hand. Our in-depth blockfolio review tells you everything you need to know to make your decision on whether blockfolio is truly the best crypto portfolio app.

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What is blockfolio?

Blockfolio is a mobile app that allows users to access the latest crypto activities anytime, anywhere. It was one of the first apps developed specifically for tracking crypto currency investments. The Blockfolio crypto tracker makes it easy to monitor the progress of your entire crypto currency portfolio.

The tool solves the problem that investors who have multiple crypto-currencies in different wallets and need to log in to many different accounts to check their balances. Blockfolio data is stored in a central location and tracks portfolio value across multiple exchanges. This is very useful as there are currently more than 3000 different coins in circulation and it is not easy to find price data on all of them. Blockfolio regularly updates the list of new coins, so you don't have to worry about the overview of new coins.

What functions does Blockfolio have?

Blockfolio competes for the best crypto portfolio app with these compelling features:

  • Create your own customizable homepage.
  • Cut through endless statistics on hundreds of coins and view only the coin data for those you are invested in.
  • With the crypto tracker you can set price notifications that you can customize to warn you when a coin reaches a certain rating. Users can also be notified when a currency loses value.
  • This allows you to take action if a crypto currency falls below a certain price point. Top Tip: Do not set the app alert on too many coins. Dozens of alerts every day will be annoying.
  • The application accepts various global currencies and supports over 3000 different crypto currencies.
  • It shows detailed information about coins using easy-to-understand maps. These statistics can be viewed over different time periods.
  • The blockfolio news bulletin. The "News" section allows users to follow the latest developments in the crypto currency industry. You can customize the RSS feed to add your favorite news publisher.

With theBlockfolio app you can fully customize your crypto currency tool and make it your own. We think that the level of customization is great and it's fantastic to see that Blockfolio has accepted that one size does not fit all when it comes to tracking crypto currency portfolios.

How to use blockfolio?

Blockfolio App Overview

Getting started with this crypto-tracker app is easy. Blockfolio is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. Please note that Blockfolio forDesktop is currently not supported. At the moment it is only supported on mobile phones.

Step one:

go to the app store or play store where you can find the crypto portfolio for free. the application is recognizable by the large white B on a black background. start the application and read the tips. Tap "Finish" when you are ready to add your crypto currency investments.

Step two:

Remove the default settings. The blockfolio team would have added a crypto currency for illustration purposes. We recommend that you delete each example so that you can start over. When you tap on the coin, you will be taken to a details screen. You can delete the coin by tapping the trash can in the upper right corner and selecting Yes, and repeat this until you have no more coins on your home page.

Step three:

Add the Coinshinzu you want to pursue. Blockfolio can track over 3000 different coins, making it one of the most comprehensive portfolio applications on the market. You can add a new coin by tapping "Add Coin" or the "+" in the right corner. Bitcoin and Ethereum will always be at the top of the list. Use the search box to find your coin and tap it.

Step four:

Add the details of your transaction. When you tap a coin, you will be taken to the Add Transaction screen. Select the 'Trading Pair' and the exchange rate you used when buying your coins. Each coin has its own list of exchanges and is filtered by different trading pairs.

Step five:

Enter the number of coins you have in your wallet. It is possible to change the historical prices - but this is not necessary. You can do this by selecting 'Retail price'. Here you have the option to select the price at which you bought your coins in the past, set the transaction date by 'Trade Date' and select 'SAVE' in the top right hand corner when you have finished entering all the details.

Step 6:

Repeat step 3 to step 6 for each coin you own. You should also create a new entry if you bought the same coin on a different date or at a different value. Once you are done, you are ready to keep track of your entire crypto currency portfolio.

The main screen now shows an overview of your coins and portfolio value, and you can sort the coins by tapping on the column headers. If you tap on the coins, the last price changes for the coin will be displayed. You can also zoom into the charts to see all the details easier.

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Is blockfolio safe?

Blockfolio is a secure application because you don't have to enter any private data into the app and the crypto tracker will never ask you to enter your personal data to access your account. The sole purpose of Blockfolio is to help you track and keep your crypto currency portfolio up to date. Customer support also answers questions very quickly. We find it quite amazing to see that Blockfolio is a free app.

The only negative thing about this app is the possibility that Blockfolio will sell your trading data to third parties. This could be a security issue if you are a crypto whale and have a significant amount of a particular crypto currency in circulation.

Concerns about blockfolio of the app

The biggest problem with Blockfolio is that the application sells user-generated trading data. Many users have uninstalled the crypto-tracker for this reason. However, Blockfolio states in its privacy policy that the application does not sell, rent or trade individual personal data to independent third parties. You may sell, rent or lease aggregated data to third parties for research purposes.

Blockfolio is a free application, and we need to understand that it needs to generate revenue from anywhere to remain sustainable. After this privacy statement was released, many users came back to Blockfolio, but this issue is still a problem for many in the crypto-monetary community.

Another problem is that blockfolio could list incorrect transaction prices, which can be caused by data inaccuracies or errors, and data errors can give the false impression that a crypto currency price is rising or falling. In some cases, this incorrect data can cause panic among users. However, Blockfolio is good at identifying data problems and is very transparent in social media. Also, it must be said that these data problems do not occur often and that is by and large not such a big deal. Sure, day traders might have a temporary heart attack from incorrect blockfolio data, but it's not such a big problem for the rest of us.

assets and drawbacks

Blockfolio is the most popular crypto currency portfolio tracker in the world and is widely regarded as the best crypto portfolio app ever.


  • Blockfolio is a completely free application and does not push aggressive ads into your face. This gives the crypto tracker a very clear and user-friendly look.
  • You are able to add over 3000 crypto currencies to your portfolio. Each crypto currency also has data for each exchange on which it is listed and for different trading pairs.
  • You have the possibility to customize your own price notifications. The app will alert you if the selected coin increases or decreases below a value you select.
  • Blockfolio has a simple news feed. Users can customize this RSS feed and choose to display only news from their favorite publishers.
  • The customer support reacts very quickly. We must emphasize how rare this is in the world of crypto-portfolio applications.


  • Each transaction must be entered manually in block folio. Entering transactions can be time consuming if you have invested in dozens of different crypto currencies.
  • The dates and prices of the Coins may differ from the actual exchange rates on the exchanges.
  • If you have many different crypto currencies, constant price notifications can be annoying. It can sometimes feel like the app is giving you too many notifications.
  • Blockfolio sells and passes on customer data to third parties.

Alternatives to the Blockfolio App

The largest blockfolio alternative for the title of the best crypto-portfolio app is Delta.Delta is a relatively new crypto-portfolio tracker and has only existed since late2017. The application supports a similar number of coins to Blockfolio.Delta is regularly updated with new features and unlikeBlockfolio, Delta does not sell or share customer data with third parties. Please read our Delta Guide before you decide to join the Delta vs. blockfolio debate.

Another app that can be considered a competitor is CoinCap. With CoinCap you can create three different portfolios (Altfolio) and the app is integrated with ShapeShift. This integration gives users the ability to buy and sell coins within the crypto tracker, but CoinCap only supports 700 coins, which is significantly less than the block folio or delta.


Is Blockfolio really the best crypto portfolio app? The team believes it is one of the best developed crypto trackers on the market. It is not only easy to use, but also completely free.

The app makes tracking your crypto currency portfolio easy and ensures that you are kept informed of changes in the valuation of your portfolios wherever you are. This easy accessibility makes the app addictive and some may prefer an invest-and-forget approach.

The Blockfolio app tracks a massive 3000 coins that can be manually added to your portfolio. If you have many different crypto currencies, the process of adding all your coins can be time consuming. However, we have no doubt that it is worth it when you are ready. The customizable homepage and price notification makes it especially easy to keep track of your investments.

In short, Blockfolio does exactly what it was designed to do. It is a pity, however, that the data is not always correct and that customer data is passed on to third parties. Despite these shortcomings, we think that this crypto-tracker is a must have for every crypto investor.

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