Will the MGA soon allow Bitcoin casinos?

The Bitcoin Casino is becoming more and more important in our society.

Cryptocurrencies have established themselves on the market and the experiments on acceptance and necessity continue. The question now arises whether the MGA will soon allow the Bitcoin Casino. What opportunities and possibilities does this result? 

Are there any risks or can individuals benefit? There are still many questions on this subject. The uncertainty also plays an important role. Supporters and skeptics alike exist on this topic. Ultimately, everyone will form their own opinion on this topic. 

Still, there are a few basics that can't be denied. Only when these are known can you get a comprehensive picture. Because the Maltese Gambling Authority, MGA for short, decides how the Bitcoin Casino will develop as a whole. The portal onlinecasinosdeutschland.com According to the MGA is currently testing cryptocurrencies extensively. But will this lead to a thorough approval?

Cryptocurrencies and the influence of the MGA

The gambling supervisor is in Malte. It's the MGA, what for Malta Gaming Authority stands. It is precisely this supervision that is currently working on a project that is now in the second phase. It's about finding out how the cryptocurrencies are used. 

The initiative takes a closer look at licensed gaming providers. Blockchain technology is of the greatest importance in this regard. It is not for nothing that it is the largest element of cryptos and therefore also the Bitcoin Casino. In addition to Bitcoin, there are of course numerous other crypto currencies, i.e. virtual currencies. However, one can assume that Bitcoin or the Bitcoin Casino will take the central place. 

So the focus is on these cryptos. Quite a few industries already see blockchains as the dominant technology of the future. Of course there are not only positive reactions. Nevertheless, the Bitcoins are consistently making their way upwards. The development is remarkable, so it should be clear: The MGA is in a tight spot. 

In the meantime, the name of Online Las Vegas has been linked to Malta. It does not reveal too much when one says that the MGA will rely on blockchain technology in the future. The exact details remain to be seen, but Bitcoin Casino is becoming increasingly important.

The Bitcoin Casino in the future

Technical progress is advancing and new ways and means are always being sought. Especially when it comes to online gambling, well-functioning technology, innovation and the courage to act are essential. 

It is particularly positive that the blockchain technology can be adapted for online games. It is a robust platform for the transparent world of games. The CEO of the MGA, Joseph Cuschieri, has been following precisely this principle since summer 2017. Since that time, a lot has happened and developed as desired. The MGA got involved in the second sandbox framework project test phase. 

After the successful first test run, this decision was foreseeable and was implemented consistently. The Maltese licensees were given the opportunity to carry out the various tests in a controlled environment. 

The blockchain systems were put to the test in detail, which of course influences the further development of the Bitcoin Casino. It was up to the MGA to select the various technology platforms from the individual providers. These platforms served the respective participants for the numerous experiments. 

Technical solutions and future-oriented development

Ultimately, it is about breaking new ground and finding the best result in favor of the Bitcoin casino world. The experiments run under the following title: Innovative Technology Arrangements. These ITAs are awarded via a special application process. 

Technical solutions and the use of the services (limited in time) are offered. This is how the basis of the blockchain technology can be formed. The blockchains are databases with which the transaction data can be managed. Absolute transparency not only plays a major role here, it is imperative. 

Only when this point is guaranteed at all times can further processes take place. There is no central control unit. Neither is there a need for mutual trust. In technical terminology, these databases are called a kind of virtual cash book. 

In the database, it is immediately noted if there is a successful transaction of money, crypto or data. This exchange always takes place between the sender and recipient. 

The Bitcoin Casino and the decentralized accounting system

The system is considered to be absolutely safe from counterfeiting. This fact alone should be reassuring for the user. Last but not least, this is possible because every single line is retained in its unchanged form. Every transaction can be tracked. 

The desired transparency is therefore guaranteed in any case. The exact detection takes place via numerous computers (up to more than a thousand pieces at the same time). The respective computer must be positively identified. The existing money transfer must be made public for all users. The business partners remain anonymous. 

This can only be changed if there is an express request. However, external financial managers such as banks are not required. The Bitcoin blockchain occupies the most important place. The experts consider the blockchains to be relevant for the future. 

From the MGA, the Bitcoin Casino is seen as important and thus the interest of individual users increases. The new technologies are being developed further. You can see the potential, which is promoted accordingly. 

The strict requirements for the individual participants

Many requirements and criteria still have to be met. In order to be able to take part in the ITAs, these points must be fully fulfilled and approved. So it is necessary that all points have to be summarized in one document and that this is signed. 

The test phase can then start. This test phase will run until the end of 2021. The security conditions are correspondingly high. Nevertheless, the demand is increasing. Should transactions fail, they must be reported immediately. Only in this way can the desired transparency be created for the Bitcoin Casino. The presence for the new technologies is just as important. 

But the media are also very influential. The digital transactions must meet high quality standards and are critically observed. The same goes for the Bitcoin Casino. Breaking new ground online remains the great challenge of modern times. Future tests will also take place and the performance will be correspondingly better and more sophisticated.

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